Some impressive figures - Bruderer UK stamping its mark - Bruderer Some impressive figures - Bruderer UK stamping its mark - Bruderer Some impressive figures - Bruderer UK stamping its mark - Bruderer

Some impressive figures – Bruderer UK stamping its mark

Some impressive figures – Bruderer UK stamping its mark

Just recently at Bruderer UK we have been auditing our customer and machine database for the UK. Currently, we have over 80 companies who collectively are operating over 500 Bruderer presses, day in, day out. These presses, some of which are up to 30-40 years old, some as new as less than a six months old, all have one thing in common; unsurpassed quality, precision and reliability.

We are proud of this heritage and the ability to support manufacturing companies such as the likes of HARWIN, BATTEN & ALLEN, STROUD METAL, THE ROYAL MINT, EUROPEAN SPRINGS and BRANDAUER to name but a few, the latter increased their press tally recently with a new, state of the art high precision Bruderer BSTA 410-110B2 press in 2018, taking their own investment in new Bruderer technology to over £1m in the last few years.

These companies, and many more, big and small, have used Bruderer presses for decades, producing parts to the highest standards. We give heart-felt thanks to all of our customers for the first 50 years and look forward to the next 50.

A few key points which we are also very proud of are:

  • A solid, time-tested base in the UK, covering full sales and support and sector and industry knowledge
  • Highest possible precision from a stamping press on the market in the world
  • Full industry 4.0 compliant, and have been for over 10 years; Bruderer, ahead of the game!
  • Full support in the UK and Ireland, with our own four factory-trained Bruderer engineers, offering support within the hour by phone, email or remote connection and on-site within one day
  • UK stock of spare parts, plus access to the extensive spare parts holding at our Swiss Head Office, delivering parts anywhere in the world within 24 hours, even for 40-year old machines.
  • Looking after the future training the youth via apprentice schemes
  • Full SMED (single minute exchange of dies) allowing 100% efficiency in setting capability
  • Full range of ancillary equipment which can be tailored to exact customer specifications
  • Bruderer UK is one of only 6 competence centres, which means we have the knowledge and experience to carry out support, maintenance and repairs on our presses, from the simplest repair up to full strip down and overhauls, bringing presses back into ‘as new’ condition and meeting stringent factory compliance tolerances

Want to know more, then don’t hesitate to contact us, we’ll be happy to hear from you.