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Lubrication - Spray

  • Lubrication Systems

    PAS Engineering Lubrication Systems – band spray lubrication systems consisting of a spray unit and a suction unit for extracting the excess lubricant. Ideal for use where control of lubricants is essential and excess lubricant mist associated with conventional spray systems is not required, ie in food or medical production applications.

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    Spray lubrication

    Spray lubrication

    The spray heads and complete devices shown in this brochure are only an extract from our standard range of products. In addition, we also offer individual special constructions – adapted to the installation situation and task in question.

  • Spray Lubrication System

    The advantage of the MDJ systems is that they are independent of viscosity. In addition, the MDJ system is easier to use due to the separate regulation of the air and fluid pressure.