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BRUDERER UK is the Industry Leader in High Precision Stamping Presses and High Quality Press Shop Equipment! 

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BRUDERER is the renowned world leader in High Precision Punching Technology and Stamping Machinery.

Our BRUDERER stamping presses are synonymous with maximum performance, highest precision and unsurpassed reliability in the sheet metal stamping and forming industry. Our range includes high-performance stamping machines of the BSTA series with a nominal force of 18 to 250 Tons and a stroke rate range of 100 to 2000 per min.

Employing over 500 people worldwide of which 390 are based at our Frasnacht site in Switzerland, where all BRUDERER machinery is produced.

Founded in 1942 by Egon BRUDERER, the company within a few years became a global player! Click Here to Read More

The Future as a Challenge

BRUDERER employs some 500 people all over the world, 390 of whom work at the Frasnacht site in Switzerland, where all BRUDERER’s high-performance stamping presses are produced. 95% of the company’s products are manufactured for the export market. Sales and service organisations located all over the world combine with the company’s own skills centres, for example in Asia to ensure direct contact with customers.


BRUDERER is facing the challenges of the 21st century with the very same attributes that have made it great since its foundation:

Performance – Precision – Quality