A case study on Source Myrna Ltd - Bruderer A case study on Source Myrna Ltd - Bruderer A case study on Source Myrna Ltd - Bruderer

A case study on Source Myrna Ltd

A case study on Source Myrna Ltd

BRUDERER UK is always ready and willing to help new and existing customers alike; whether this is to replace current equipment to ensure continued production or to install systems for new customers in order for them to improve or increase their current activities.

Therefore when we were approached by Source Myrna we accepted the enquiry with our usual positive “can-do” attitude.

Source Myrna required a high speed stamping press for the precision component manufacturing operations. Following a series of meeting and discussions to discuss in detail their exact requirements, BRUDERER UK was able to provide a proposal for a suitable refurbished, pre-owned press, together with UNIDOR monitoring system for die & press protection.

Source have since taken delivery of the fully refurbished BRUDERER BSTA 25H press complete with the latest die sensing & control package from Unidor, which is now in full production.

Based in Plymouth, Source manufacture a range of stainless steel precision components, details of which can be found at www.cable-accessories.com

Pablo Gutierrez at Source Myrna said “We are looking forward to further improving Source’s high precision component manufacturing capability in terms of quality, productivity and reducing tool wear”

Source design and manufacture their own progression tools using the latest composite tool steels. They have a full Toolroom including two new wire EDM machines and an EDM hole-starter. They manufacture their own products and also act as a sub contract manufacturer for leading UK companies. Their products are used in industries all over the world and they hold various manufacturing approvals including American Board of Shipping.

Pablo concludes “The new BRUDERER BSTA 25H press will take our manufacturing to the next level”

Not only can BRUDERER UK offer refurbished presses and equipment for new customers, we will also undertake a fully overhaul and refurbishment programme for existing customers, including the supply and/or upgrading of decoiling, rewinding equipment as well as installation of servo feed units. Full turn-key packages are also available which can include all of the above as required.

All work is performed by our own factory trained engineers and using genuine BRUDERER press; all this ensures that the delivered machine is fully fit for future service, backed-up by our full warranty for your complete peace of mind.

For more information on how BRUDRER UK can help your company to improve its manufacturing and production processes please contact our Luton sales team.