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high speed servo feeder

high speed servo feeder

Bruderer UK has just completed another successful retrofit installation of a state of the art, high speed servo feeder to one of their customers Bruderer presses. This latest addition to their production set-up will provide them with:


Faster set-up to aid with SMED

Infinite variables for feed/speed ratios

Highest precision strip feeding

Higher running speeds



With this simple but effective upgrade, we have helped the customer to bring 10 of their twenty-year old presses into the 21st century, preparing them for an increase in orders and production requirements.

We can offer solutions to handle the thinnest and narrowest material to the thickest and widest material, to either push, pull, or push and pull the material at infinitely variable pitch lengths with pinpoint accuracy.

All of our servo feeders can be retrofitted to any make of press; this together with our full UK based after sales support, makes this an essential option for anyone looking to future proof their production equipment.

In addition to servo feeders, Bruderer UK offer a fully comprehensive range of ancillary equipment to fully support customers production; this includes coil handling equipment, tooling components for press tools and mould dies, press and die monitoring systems, die handling equipment, plus much more. Visit our website for more information.

Or contact our Luton sales team, they’ll be happy to help.

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