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Manufacturing of parts and components which benefit from the highest precision of a BRUDERER stamping press

Manufacturing of parts and components which benefit from the highest precision of a BRUDERER stamping press

Most people are completely unaware of how often they encounter products on a daily basis in which BRUDERER has had a hand in the manufacturing process. Whether you are using your mobile phone, travelling from A to B in your car, checking the time on your watch numerous times throughout the day or having fun on your recently purchased computer: Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, our customers’ products will be with you.

Plug-in connectors electrical.

plugin connectorDid you know that in any well-equipped mid-range car, some 8000 plug-in connectors work to ensure the faultless operation and communication of a whole range of components?

The annual requirement for this type of punched part in the automotive and electronics industry is immense. The complex production process requires high levels of precision, productivity and process reliability from stamping presses. BRUDERER’s high-performance stamping presses are able to meet these requirements of a profitable production process without exception. That is why leading companies all over the world rely on our brand.


Rotor/stator and transformer plates.

rotorstatorElectric motors comprise individually stamped plates which are fused mechanically during the production process to create assemblies. This fusing of plates requires absolute repeat accuracy of the tool closing dimension on the part of a stamping press.

Even the tiniest deviations amounting to just a few hundredths of a millimetre will always impair parts quality. Once a position has been selected, the unique design and construction of BRUDERER’s drive system enables it to be maintained throughout the entire stamping process – fully automatically and precisely to the hundredth of a millimetre, resulting in stamped parts boasting absolute repeat accuracy.



Semiconductors and transistors.

semiconductorsAny manufacturer wishing to produce such high-precision components for the electronics industry must be able to meet the challenge posed by dimensional tolerances and cutting clearances that frequently measure just thousandths of millimetres.

Even the most minor irregularities in the production process – due for example to the ram being misaligned – can lead to flash formation and punch breakage. The production of high-quality parts can only be assured by the absolutely accurate positioning of the ram throughout the stamping process.

BRUDERER’s unique ram guiding system is the key to optimum quality and maximum tool life.


Industrial applications.

industrialapplicationEven as soon as you get out of bed you will start to encounter stamped parts, for example on aerosol spray cans or metal fittings on kitchen cupboards. Immense punching forces at maximum output are often required to produce these parts.

This energy produced by the punching process subjects the bearings and guides on a stamping press to stress.

BRUDERER’s sophisticated drive system is able to distribute these forces ideally, thereby protecting all active assemblies and ensuring maximum availability with minimum maintenance requirements.



phoneAlthough their exterior is extremely high-tech, it still gives no hint of the high-precision aluminium and steel components within. In virtually no other product does one see such a variety of stamped parts than in the telecommunications sector.

It is for this reason that stamping press requirements are clearly defined by component suppliers like NOKIA or SAMSUNG: absolute precision, optimum flexibility and maximum availability.

Thanks to BRUDERER stamped parts, such suppliers are able to meet these high demands without compromise or proviso – regardless of which famous brand name will appear on the mobile phone once it hits the shops.


Miniature parts and watch components.

miniaturepartsAny wrist would not be complete without the mechanical masterpiece of precision and design that is a watch. That said, a watch will only run as precisely as the machine on which its parts were produced.

Flash formation during the stamping process will stop any watch, be it a budget model or a timepiece by one of the world’s leading designers.

“Made by BRUDERER” provides a guarantee of absolute precision and efficiency. In numerous industrial sectors, leading companies are reaping the benefits of the precision advantage offered by the BRUDERER brand.