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BSTA 280

The Latest Technology From Bruderer – The BSTA 280F-88 B2

The latest model of their BSTA series: the high-performance fixed-stroke BSTA 280F-88 B2 stamping press. It excels with micrometre precision and a higher productivity than a comparable press with adjustable stroke. This makes the BSTA 280F ideal for the mass production of microparts for the electrical, electronics and automotive industries.

Sertec presses ahead with £10m+ ‘ZANI’ investment

Adrian Haller (Bruderer), Martin Hinkley (Sertec Group) One of the UK’s fastest growing automotive suppliers has signed its largest ever ‘press’ investment ahead of MACH 2016.   The Sertec Group, which is a world class manufacturer of stampings and welded assemblies, has tapped into the ‘machinery’ expertise of Bruderer UK to identify and purchase 12 machines to help them meet growing volume...