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How Accurate Stampings Can Benefit You

How Accurate Stampings Can Benefit You

Stamping is a process that allows a flat sheet of metal to be transformed into different forms through methods that include pressing, embossing, blanking and coining.

This process can be made in one single moment or through various stages and, although it’s typically used on metal, in some instances it can also be used on polystyrene.

The process of stamping is incredibly useful to a variety of projects, and the more precise it is, the better it benefits you. So it’s vital that you choose a company that’s capable of providing accurate stampings at all stages of the process.

Unidor compactPRESS system
Unidor compactPRESS system

Save Money

With accurate stampings you’re able to save money. This is because by using the latest technologies available, such as machines that work through sound and can detect even the slightest mistake in the end product, you reduce the need to repeat production. Besides manufacturing large quantities of your design for affordable prices, this process also ensures that you get your full money’s worth by providing you precise stampings in a wide range of materials, such as carbon and stainless steel.

Quick Process

Due to its accuracy, the stamping process is also fast, especially useful if you require a quick turnaround. More specifically, the reason for this is that by using a single machine capable of transforming a piece of metal into anything you desire (without mistakes) there’s a decrease in terms of the tools needed and, therefore, production can be finished quickly.


The stamping process is highly versatile, as the amount of metals that can be used is vast. Also, there’s no limit in terms of design, meaning that anything you can imagine can be created. By adding extreme precision to the process, there’s no need to perform that many changes to the original design, which saves time and money – seeing as the end always comes out perfect.

Where it Can be Used

Stampings can be used in a wide variety of settings and situations. This means that by using accurate processes, you can apply stampings to engines, aircraft parts, complex electronic devices, and much more. This precision allows you to not worry about the quality of the stampings.


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