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Shop Floor Connect OEE

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What is Shop Floor Connect OEE ?

OEE Calculation Improvements with ShopFloorConnect

Traditional Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is a well-established method for tracking process efficiency. OEE calculations factor in equipment availability, speed performance, and quality and are displayed as a simple percentage that shows the ratio of actual equipment output to its theoretical maximum.

The OEE uses:

1. Availability: Accounts for unplanned downtime losses. Availability It is equal to the actual machine/process running time divided by the total available time. Planned downtime events such as lunch breaks are not part of the OEE calculation.

2. Performance: Accounts for speed loss. Performance in the OEE calculation is equal to the ratio of number of parts produced over the measurement period (shift, day, etc) to the theoretical maximum number of parts that could be produced if the machine or process ran at its highest possible speed. This is called the Machine Ideal Rate.

3. Quality: In traditional OEE calculations, quality is the ratio of good parts to total parts produced.

Shop Floor Connect displays information in real time, so problems can be addressed as they happen. It allows you to quickly identify under-performing machines and the reasons for under-performance – enabling you to focus your valuable resources where they will do the most good.

Shop Floor Connect Asset Utilization Software and hardware automatically collect shop floor production data that is timely, accurate, and unbiased. Best of all, this production tracking system does it automatically, and in real time!

Shop Floor Connect tracks machine uptime, downtime, the reasons for downtime, production rate, and piece part counts (when applicable). Running Shop Floor Connect for your shop floor data collection is like having a team of manufacturing engineers doing a detailed efficiency study of the entire factory – all the time.

Learn how Shop Floor Connect calculates OEE and tracks OEE.

You can see how much you can save by using Shop Floor Connect OEE Downtime Tracking Software Savings Calculator