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Control systems

  • Bruderer B-Control

    Bruderer B-Control for highest demands. The multilingual display provides constant updates regarding all relevant events and operating states for the entire production plant.

  • Bruderer B-Control Essential

    BRUDERER control systems, Bruderer B-Control Essential, provide clarity and the highest level of control over all process cycles. They are simple and intuitive to operate and allow entering and changing of data during the production process.

  • Press Controls

    Unidor press controls are general purpose units that measures, controls, checks, compares and evaluates the analog and digital signals of sensors, encoder and transmitters.The user-friendly control with the Touch-Screen is so easy to manage and uncomplicated. Using images instead of buttons, the system guides, informs and helps the operator through every process.

  • touchCONTROL

    Press tonnage and tool protection system from Unidor – the Unidor multiCONTROL.