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The new smartCONTROL system from Unidor

The new smartCONTROL system from Unidor

The new Unidor smartCONTROL – perfect for controll of dies and deformation.

Knowing Whats Going One
smartCONTROL for punching and deformation combines the latest piezo sensor with state of the art PC technologies.

The low cost combi-measuring system is the best decision you can make when it comes to relaible tool protection and the highest quality of your parts.

smartCONTROL accuratly displays the entire die and deformation tool process data, this being just what those responsible in production, every maintenance engineer and every machine operator needs.

smartCONTROL can be especially fast and is easily installed due to the fact that it does not need and angular encoder. The easy-to-use touch screen operation in combination with an informative navigation system emphasise the top class quality of this professional measuring system.

For more information regarding this system and its application to your requirements please contact our Luton sales team.