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Precision Ball Lock Punches

Precision Ball Lock Punches

The new holding inserts for quick-change punches are available in two versions, light and heavy-duty. They are installed directly in the tool plate; the previously neccessary additional mounting plate is no longer required. Only two holes for the punch and the holder/bracket have to be drilled.

Was it in the past not possible to place quick-change punches close to each other due to the external shape of the mounting late, the ACCU-LOCK holding inserts are practically no longer an obstacle.

Due to the design of the mounting plates, it is not possible to place the punches close together – now a few millimeters distance are no longer a problem. For example, the entire structure of tool slides can be made significantly more compact. FIBRO offers the holding inserts as individual parts and also in the future, with a multiple mounting plate made according to customer requirements, fully assembled.

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