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  • Acoustic Enclosures

    Acoustic enclosures for presses and press accessories, also can be used for general machines, designed to reduce the noise in the working environment caused by these machines. Standard sizes and configurations are available as well as custom built units designed to customer exact specifications.

    Health & Safety Document

  • Conveyors

    Part and scrap conveyors – a range of conveyor systems available in standard sizes with a range of belt materials. We can also provide custom built systems to ensure your exact requirements are met

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    Inkjet Marking Systems

    Inkjet marking systems

    Videojet Inkjet Marking Systems – With a full range of small character coding systems, we have a solution for every application.

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    Laser Marking Systems

    Laser marking systems

    Videojet Laser Marking Systems – Videojet laser marking systems offer high reliability and quality coding. Carry out laser marking on almost any material, giving a wide range of application options.

  • Process Cleaning Systems

    Process cleaning systems – Integrated solutions for cleaning of individual parts and continuous strip products. The industrial production demands clean surfaces. Only then, processes as lubricating, soldering, gluing, welding and bonding etc. can be performed reliably and durably. All SLE cleaning systems are environmentally friendly based on water.

  • Scrap cutter and chopper

    Scrap cutters and choppers

    P/A Industries scrap cutter and choppers – a range of chopper and cutters are available, including mechanical, electric and pneumatic. This unit chops a wide variety of materials from paper to cold rolled steel without adjustment. Once installed, any number of stock thicknesses can be fed into the chopper without any additional set-up time.

  • Sensors for press and tool protection and monitoring


    Sensors for press and tool protection and monitoring – The right sensors for your tool & press – every time. The range includes optical sensors, digital opto sensors, analogue opto sensors, miniaturized single & multibeam light barriers, piezo-electric sensors, eddy current sensors, acoustic emission sensors. Our sensors guarantee a long and reliable operation even under the toughest conditions.

    FG Series Datasheet

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    Thermal image coding systems

    Thermal image coding systems – Thermal transfer printing systems were developed to mark directly on flexible packaging.