FMS-Q 120 RS - Bruderer FMS-Q 120 RS - Bruderer FMS-Q 120 RS - Bruderer

FMS-Q 120 RS

Stamping and bending machine with a production speed of
30 – 500 pieces/min depending on the tool and component part

Production speed 30-500 pieces/min.

• Power: from 4 kW on

• Stamping unit: 2 x 80 kN with a stroke of 5/10/12 mm
total: 120 kN

• Feeding length: up to 100 mm
(Special version up to 250 mm right)

Material strip:
width: 50 mm max.
thickness: up to 1.5 mm

up to Ø 4 mm

• Quick-change-plate equipped with up to 11
positively controlled
bending slides requiring low maintenance,
(bending force of 12/22 kN with a stroke of
44 mm) with a work and a return cam

Concerning the hardware special attention was paid to the following points:

• The supply availability of 20 years can be guaranteed by the in-house developed
and produced electronic control unit

• High operational safety, even at high temperatures and vibrations

• Little space required due to the compact design

• Reduced wiring outlay due to the in-house developed control unit

• Possibilities of automatic and visual diagnosing

• Integrated cam control for controlling internal and external signals

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