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Transporter TP-140

Transporter TP-140

The Transporter TP-140 – a unique problem solver

A pneumatically driven BELTLESS CONVEYOR that solves scrap & parts removal problems efficiently and inexpensively with a linear, rhythmic tray motion. No replacement costs of belts & rollers as with conventional conveyors. Just install the low profile Transporter under your tool and problems with slugs, steel shavings, and scrap disappear. One transporter can drive multiple trays. The Transporter can also be used in assembly-type operations.

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Max Load Capacity: 140 kg
Max Tray Weight: 100 kg
Stroke Length: 27 mm
Feed Rate: 8-10 m/min
Air Pressure: 4-5,5 bar
Air Consumption: 42 l/min
Max Incline of Tray: 8°
Sound Level: 62 dB (A)
Shipping Weight: 8 kg