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High Precision Standard Tooling Components

  • Mould Tool Gas Springs

    Beside our well-known gas spring for tool manufacturer, we have now the new FML Gas Spring in our product range. This gas spring was developed especially for mould making and is characterised by its high force, its small size, a long service life at least 1,000,000 strokes and a constant operating temperatur of 120°C.

    The use of this spring type provides the majority of functions as a latch locking unit.

  • Precision Ball Lock Punches

    The new holding inserts for quick-change punches are available in two versions, light and heavy-duty. They are installed directly in the tool plate; the previously neccessary additional mounting plate is no longer required. Only two holes for the punch and the holder/bracket have to be drilled.

    Was it in the past not possible to place quick-change punches close to each other due to the external shape of the mounting late, the ACCU-LOCK holding inserts are practically no longer an obstacle.

    Due to the design of the mounting plates, it is not possible to place the punches close together – now a few millimeters distance are no longer a problem. For example, the entire structure of tool slides can be made significantly more compact. FIBRO offers the holding inserts as individual parts and also in the future, with a multiple mounting plate made according to customer requirements, fully assembled.

  • Precision Bolt Lock System’s

    The development of the BOLT LOCK system is a logical continuation of today‘s quick-release systems for punches beyond a shaft diameter of 40 mm.

    Since the punches are available for any geometries, the compact system can be used for a variety of applications. An example of this is the use of punches to cut sheet metal parts, which are not manufactured as individual parts, but rather mainly as multiple parts for economic reasons.
    Large perforations in structured parts of the car body can be manufactured without a problem using the system.

    You can also use the Bolt-Lock system in progressive dies for punching and piercing the necessary shape into the sheet metal stripe. The system makes a valuable contribution to the further standardisation of tools and connected advantages in regard to time, costs and quality.

    Designed as a replacement for today‘s serially produced parts previously manufactured individually
    Punches available in standard shapes and customerspecific special shapes according to data record
    High quality due to automated serial production
    Cost savings in design due to CAD standard parts library Data in the currently common data formats can be called worldwide directly through and is thus always up-to-date free of cost.
    For CATIA V5 users a parametric CATIA model is available.
    Low spatial requirement as conventional system and therefore also an option for saving operations.
    Geometrical changes of the cutting contour do not affect the retaining plate, thus permitting cost savings in case of changes.
    Low mounting effort in tool maintenance, quick-release system
    Punches are provided with extraction thread in the standard version. Lateral borehole in the case of cutting form width W < 20 mm.

  • Precision Roller Slide Units

    The FIBRO roller slide unit has been designed to meet the increasing demand for standard slide units in tool making and the automotive industry. The slides are available for maximum stamping forces of 30kN, 50kN and 150kN. Gas springs with a restoring force of 200 daN to 500 daN according to the specific roller slide unit are used to restore the slide unit.
    Roller slide units are low maintenance and have a service life of 1 Mio. strokes
    Thanks to the guide, loads can be applied off-center
    Seating for the forces acting in the working direction and the return
    Slide can be dismantled while installed
    Gas spring can be dismantled while installed
    Small dimensions, large working surface

  • Precison Punching Units

    In manufacturing press shops you are often faced with the challenge to perform a stamping or bending operation in a direction that is not the same as the working direction of the press. Usually in such situations cam units are used, which convert the vertical downwards movement of the press into a horizontal direction.

    Changing the punching / bending direction during the press stroke makes it possible to create very tight positional tolerances, where an additional operation after the press process would not be economically possible.

    The punching units, which are mechanical, are completing our cam unit and roller slide unit product range. Specially developed for progressive press tools, they can be used in every situation where conventional cam units show their limits.

  • Standard Mould Tool Components

    For many years FIBRO earned a reputation for excellence in the selection of standard parts in the field of cutting, stamping tools and machine tools. So it was only logical to add a similar range for mould making

    FIBRO mould making range includes:
    guide pillars
    guide bushes
    ejector rods
    ejector pins
    bolt guides
    gas springs
    spring plungers
    locating units
    date inserts
    quill holders

  • Wireless Gas Spring Monitoring


    The optional Wireless Pressure Monitoring System (WPM) (patent pending) wirelessly monitors the pressure and temperature of FIBRO gas springs. Before a defective part is produced, the press operator receives a message from the WPM and can take appropriate action.


    Around-the-clock monitoring and documentation
    Early warning signalling prevents the production of unacceptable parts.
    Pre-emptive wear detection and targeted troubleshooting
    Avoidance of downtimes and follow-up damage
    Minimisation of points of leakage
    Streamlined construction and assembly
    Optimised maintenance intervals and reduction of maintenance and repair costs.