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Precision Presses Need Precision Tooling

Precision Presses Need Precision Tooling

You may have seen our previous post regarding the history of progression tooling.

However this successful process is only as good as the sum of it’s components. Therefore, the tooling must be of the highest quality and should be run in a press with the highest precision. Bruderer UK can tick both of these boxes, with our world leading stamping presses and a full range of precision tooling components from FIBRO GmbH.

BSTA loadPrecision is our Forte

Our presses are renowned for the high speed and high quality, with a wide range of tonnage capacities from 180 to 2500kN. Thanks to the unique lever system of the BSTA stamping press, the load acting on the ram is distributed across the system. This load distribution, together with the absolute minimum clearance and the efficient lubrication system, is a crucial factor in the high durability and consistent precision of the machine.

Regular stamping processes.

Thanks to the unique lever system, the hardened ground ram adjustment spindles only take up 20% of the total load each. This construction makes it possible to adjust the ram height during stamping and to maintain the BDC to the closest of tolerances throughout.



BSTA guideLonger tool life thanks to good guidance.

To prevent deflection of the punches when running the press with eccentric loads, the ram guide elements are placed exclusively on the same level as the strip. The guide bearings ensure that the thermal influences acting on the ram guides are compensated for, which in turn increase tool life.

Leading companies around the world have come to rely on the advantages that Bruderer fully-automated stamping presses can provide, implementing their manufacturing expertise with our machines to make high-precision parts for products that have become indispensable in our everyday lives.


Wherever the ultimate in availability and precision is required at high and low stroke rates, Bruderer is there to provide what is needed – for suppliers in the automotive industry, for the manufacturing of connectors for the electronics, electrical engineering and computer industries, for parts for watches and metal packaging for the food industry, to cite just a few examples.

This is how we support our customers, with our expertise and the added precision that our stamping presses provide when it comes to manufacturing quality products.

Quality + Precision = Perfection

The FIBRO product range for tool construction, mould making and mechanical engineering includes die sets, guide elements, low-maintenance oil-less guide elements, precision parts such as punches and matrices, compression springs, high-safety gas springs, metal forming materials…

Fibro1An important factor in the consistently high quality of FIBRO standard parts production is ongoing quality testing – from the raw material up to the finished product. They can achieve increased service lives, in particular on wear parts, such as punches, which allows customers to benefit in the form of noticeable cost savings.

Precision is the be-all and end-all for FIBRO. This applies to all elements of a tool. After all, the function of a tool is determined by the quality of its individual parts. FIBRO standard parts are synonymous with ultimate precision and reliability in tool manufacture, mould making and mechanical engineering. And that’s something experienced engineers really value.