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BPG Planetary Gearbox 3 in 1 Press

BPG Planetary Gearbox 3 in 1 Press

The 3 in 1 solution from BRUDERER – tool test press, servo motion press and high performance stamping machine. With the planetary gear, the speed is freely selectable from one stroke per minute. Even at minimum speed you work with 100% power.
• High-performance stamping machine and test press in one
• Manual operation for stamping machine
• Test operation with lowest stroke rates using the full press force
• Easy adjustment of the ram height by hand operation
• Display of the relevant measured values on the manual control (press force, distance to bottom dead center)

Customer benefits:
• Test tool in normal punching operation with original forces and retract
• Manual operation of the stamping machine
• Precise control allows easy setup and optimum tool development
• Easier testing of tools and materials
• No discrepancies – development and production personnel use the same machine

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