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Servo Motion Power Presses (250-3000Ton)

Servo Motion Power Presses (250-3000Ton)

Servo Master Features:
– Eccentric or Knuckle-Joint Kinematic with Servo Motors
– Flexible Press Cycle Programmable in conventional mode or pendulum.
– Rated Power from 200 – 3000 Ton
– Bolster Lengths up to 7 Meter
– 1-2-3 connecting rods
– Fixed or adjustable strokes up to 800mm
– Working speeds up to 200 SPM
– Up to 700mm Stroke Length
– Adapts to existing tools with no need of reconstruction costs
– Cycle time saving
– Increased output
– Higher productivity
– Reduced Tool Wear
– Reduced Press Stress

Programmable Stroke Profiles
– Right stroke and speed for every tool and transfer movement.
– No need to build press with long stroke to cover tool / transfer cycle time requirements.

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